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Goldilock FireBreak Distributor in Europe

Do you want your customers to completely control when their digital assets are physically connected to the internet? Remotely and instantly without “using the internet”.

Goldilock FireBreak

Simple and affordable physical-disconnect

FireBreak is a 4-port or 12-port intelligent network hardware that operates remotely controlled robotic functionality via out-of-band and non-IP-based SMS commands. Any device with an IP address is visible and vulnerable to accidents and attackers, but Goldilock’s unique and patented TruAirgap™ technology physically segregates data, networks, and people from harm. Check Goldilock website for more information or download 4-port product data-sheet or download 12-port product data-sheet..


per user or network


1U short-depth


Separation and segregation

SMS triggering

Open, close and check status

Web based UI

Intuitive configuration and management of Goldilock FireBreak appliance.

Network Segregation

Physically separate networks, servers, users from being visible until required.

Response & Recovery

Immediately and remotely disconnect networks under attack to stop spread.


Avoid ‘always-on’ access to the core networks and mitigate risks of indirect cyber-attacks.

Use Cases

Industries and Verticals



Oil & Gas

HSMI Isolation



Goldilock cyber security

Different Types Of Deployment

12-port Appliance

CAPEX / One Time

FireBreak TruAirgap™ Appliance
Rack installation in datacenter
Available for contracted PoCs
Bench Test
+20% annual maintenance fee
4-port data-sheet

4-port Box

CAPEX / One Time

FireBreak TruAirgap™ Box
Mobile or on-premise installation
Available for contracted PoCs
Bench Test
+20% annual maintenance fee
12-port data-sheet

What We Are Doing


Partner Recruitment

Broad security partner evangelism, recruitment of resellers and system integrators, partner development and channel management.


Security Consultation

Goldilock product and service evangelism, product demonstration and technology explanation, use case scenario consulting.


Partner Support

Partner pre-sales support – business & technical, value proposition definition, cost estimates and licensing inputs.
General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the magic?
Albert Einstein’s famous quote: “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.” is precisely the DNA of the Goldilock technology. If you want to protect IP-based assets, managing them on a different level is better. Goldilock’s case is on all good analog levels with total physical separation. If there is no cable/connection, there is nothing to hack.
What can I do with Goldilock's technology?
Connect and disconnect. That is everything. Keeping things simple is better. Goldilock is not solving the “cybersecurity world-peace problem” but instead focusing on a real but critical scenario: if I need it, it is connected; if not, it is disconnected. And you can manage it remotely and securely even though your IP connection is hacked.
What is NAPERTO's relationship with Goldilock?
Goldilock is the inventor and patent owner of the technology. NAPERTO is an authorized distributor responsible for partner recruitment, development, and support.
Can I test and evaluate Goldilock's technology?
Yes, it is possible. Please fill in the form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your use case.

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